At Hyperviolet Designs you will find a collection of works within the more eclectic and darker spectrum, often that of bands, artists, and businesses, who have worked with us on their logos, posters, merchandise, marketing and more. We offer both digital and print solutions, with a specialisation in music industry and a passion for turning concepts into design and implementing tech that drives genuine engagement, not just numbers. We believe in the power of collaboration and the value of striking the perfect balance in strategy and creativity, and we aim to break the “soulless agency” or “struggling freelancer” dichotomy by providing affordable customised services to our clients while nurturing our teams independence and growth. Our team contribute to our client work as well as our blog as well as our community Hyperviolet Collective, aimed at helping people just like us to grow from hobbyists to professionals within their creative professions.

Based in Perth, WA


Shelby - Founding Creative Director

Shelby Jansen is the owner and creative director of Hyperviolet Designs. The business began in 2017 as a platform for her freelance work, and by May 2018 Shelby was working full time in the business, with 2018 seeing more people joining the team and 2019 involving a full restructure to the boutique agency Hyperviolet is now. She is a multidisciplinary design and technology specialist who works primarily with bands, venues, promoters, artists, and small business owners, with their marketing, digital innovation and creative projects. With a specialisation in working with niche ventures and the entertainment industries, Shelby has a passion for helping bands and entrepreneurs. She has a corporate communications and systems engineer background with over 8 years experience in a variety of highly skilled design and tech lead roles in businesses ranging from Government to Fintech App startups. Her volunteer work has included a long history of radio hosting, music journalism and event management. When she’s not working, she’s a musician, bird-lover and is a language enthusiast who loves to travel and will usually be found reviewing gigs for Overdrive Mag.


Amy - Editor In Chief

Amy is our brilliant writer. She studies Literature and Philosophy at University of Western Australia and works as an Editor at Colosoul Magazine, Creative Director at Amnesty International UWA, Music Journalist at HEAVY Magazine, works as a model and freelance English teacher in her spare time. She has great attention to detail, exceptional linguistic skills, and brings creativity as well as experience in music and street press and copy-writing to the team. Amy works both internally managing and co-coordinating our blog and contributing writers, ensuring that section of the business is smooth sailing, but also on client based work in and out of the music industry.


Wojtek - Blog Manager

Woj is our resident polish titan, hailing from Poland and residing in Melbourne, Victoria and boasting a history of professional writing as a live reviewer, interviewer, and a tenure as General Manager for Overdrive Music Magazine, he is part of the management team on the writing side of the business and handles the staffing and operational aspects of the blog, working with our editor and team of contributors. In his spare time he’s likely to be found with a vodka in one hand and a 7 string guitar in the other, probably talking some unsuspecting person’s ear off about why Behemoth are the greatest band in the world or writing material for Bury The Kings.


Vanetska - Graphic Designer

Vanetska is a Murdoch University student completing her Bachelor of Creative Media, majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography and other studies in Film and Videography. She loves to throw herself head first into learning and is an enthusiastic contributor. She loves working with music clients, has a knack for the elegant, enjoys painting, and her favourite colour is, you guessed it, purple.


Bri - Illustrator

Bri is our resident letter work and calligraphy wizard. Bri is a Hufflepuff, an avid punk music fan (Bri and Shelby both share a love of AFI) and a talented artist in traditional ink, paint, pencil media with a great eye for colour and style. Bri brings a great illustration style to the team with her versatile handwritten agility, from black letter to flowing calligraphy, beautifully balanced and intricate typography work, as well as her illustrations which are always detailed and striking, and she is both a digital and conventional medium artist, the best of both worlds! Follow her personal design and art project over at her page, Luna Day Illustration.

2018-11-08 23_08_58-(11) Fany Sejati.png

Fany - Graphic Designer

Fany works specifically with metal logos. He has collaborated on many of the death metal, black metal, and hard rock branding projects mostly on the metal, rock and gothic spectrum. Fany contributes his own ideas to the brief when he takes on band logos, and his results speak for themselves! He is the one responsible for the community favourite Musolegion logo, and is our go-to lyric video guy.


Kris - Music Industry Columnist

Kris is a music journalist and PR gun, based in Australia with a long history in the Aussie heavy music scene, he has worked with the likes of Heavy Mag and has also owned and operated his own PR business for some years. Wth work published online and in print media over the years, he has a wealth of knowledge and unmatched passion when it comes to reviews, blogging, interviews, press releases, and is a keystone to the team’s content writing force.


Turo - Graphic Designer

Turo is another graphic designer who works on music design projects alongside Fany and Shelby.
As one of our key “biz dev people” and the head of our activities in Europe, there is not an idea too big to throw in the mix and try, and innovative suggestions and great designs are a plenty with him in the fold. He runs his own events production company Bloody Blender, co-coordinating tours, photography and publicity among other things, within his snowy hometown of Järvenpää, Finland. He works with a lot of our bigger clients and partners to ensure the high quality of work we strive for is delivered for every tour package.

2019-03-01 13_58_43-Shared album – Caelan Farr, - Google Photos.png

Caelan - Illustrator

Caelan is an Illustrator and digital artist specialising in intricate line work, symmetrical masterpieces and large delicate artworks as well as portrait line-work. Caelan’s a versatile, hard working addition to the design team, managing to create perfect replicas through hard work and an eye for detail, “Patience of a Saint” comes to mind here. A dedicated and talented creative, Caelan has also stepped into writing for our blog and brings a wealth of knowledge about art, design and culture. Residing in Adelaide, Caelan lives with his rats and enjoys Norse and ancient mythology, and can converse about almost any topic of historical or cultural significance, making him a huge assert when briefs call for brainstorming or fact checking!


Bianca - Music Industry Columnist

Bianca is one of our key music industry professionals on hand for all things in our blog that are audio engineering and technical in nature. Possessing a keen eye for all things creative, and a great attention to detail, she uses her background in sound to curate and write articles in the music production space, to help our clients along in the process of recording, mixing, mastering and finalising their records and compliments our teams music industry design expertise. She runs Blackbone Studios out of her Melbourne studio, where she offers boutique sound services for rock and metal bands, and writes and records for black metal duo Moon Dweller.


Tegan - Senior Graphic Designer

Tegan is a Perth based freelance graphic designer. She has recently completed her Diploma under the exact same lecturer Shelby had some years ago via Goldfields Institute of Technology, and has been eagerly throwing herself head first into design work since, working with clients through her own agency and working with other digital and design agencies. She’s been a godsend at times, taking on some of our important corporate and pre-press work, as well as contributing to the design articles in the Tech Tips section of our blog using he years of practice and expertise in all things design and print. She goes by the moniker Pink Budgie Studio.

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