Are you a private investor wanting to invest in a quickly growing, scaleable music industry design business, or want to gain equity in one of our upcoming technology developments?


Why our investors choose us

Hyperviolet Designs is a unique digital agency, built from the ground up and a statup that was originally bootstrapped from a mere $172 and is now a profitable entity backed by a team of experts and private investors.

The business began out of a desire to provide a corporate level of service to a customer base not commonly catered to by professionals, all of whom will need a diverse range of services at various prices at each stage of their journey in music and business. Our diversification and expertise in web, design, marketing, technology, systems architecture and business development, means we’re becoming Australia’s largest entertainment industry design and technology agency, very quickly.

We pride ourselves in only working with third party investors who have a vested interest in the music industry or working with creative technology startups and developments. Any and all capital investments are managed thoroughly through goal-oriented and ROI focused funds allocations, and we allow our investors to be actively involved in the decision-making process of where their investment is used.

We open up investment opportunities to all levels of commitment. Whether you are a seasoned venture capitalist looking for your next entreprenuerial avenue, or a single person wanting to secure stakes in a evolving business, and feel pride in helping a company grow, we can discuss your individual financial contributions and how they will impact the business and provide you returns, and facilitate planned expansions or projects.


Want to join a thriving startup as a key change-maker?

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