Interested in becoming a business partner? We love forming genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with organisations who share our values. Here’s what we look for in our strategic professional relationships and how you can get in on the action.


Agile processes and flexible leadership

We want to work with the kinds of businesses and CEO’s who are always looking for ways to evolve, grow and build their business.
We’re not looking for companies who hold themselves back or are stuck in their ways, scared of risk, or governed by beaurocracy and policy and not able keep up in a fast-paced industry.

Graphic Design and Marketing Assistant (Internship)

A strong sense of inclusion and community

We’re a LGBTQ+ friendly business, and our partners are too. We are 100% anti-discrimination and our partners need to have a genuine interest in upholding this culture of inclusivity, and employing the best, regardless of nation, creed and colour.

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Alignment with Music Industry or Tech Startups

We’re not looking to form a partnership with the local baked goods or car parts shop, we’re looking for companies that specialise in: media, press, PR, SaaS, development, entertainment industry, editorial and magazines, and anyone that thinks they know a thing or two about design, tech, and as a plus, you’ll love rock and metal music.


What about Non-Profit Organisations or Charity Events?

That’s fine too! While we are selective about the charities we help, we have in the past offered media and design assistance to charity causes we believe in, and are willing to form ongoing partnerships with NFP businesses if the shoe fits and values align.


Not in the music industry design and marketing space

We’re not keen on partnering with another company that offers the exact same services we do, to the same target market. If you are a web developer and offer only music websites, we may be able to arrange a referral based or co-branded marketing relationship, but we’d be more likely to hire internally for directly related work like that.


An established company or full time sole trader

Partnerships are limited to SME’s and companies with one or more full time employee, but can be owner operators. We need to see you are 100% comitted to your own business, and you need to live and breathe your cause. We don’t only look for large enterprise, sole traders and startups are welcome to join forces with us.


Comitted to creativity and Innovation

We’re looking for business owners we can talk about our businesses growing in leaps and bounds, together. We’re looking for creatives who want a career as entreprenuers, not just a weekend side hustle. We want boundary-smashing and off-the-wall ideas, and businesses that are ahead of the curve and better than the rest.


Looking for an opportunity to partner with us?

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